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RN Realty LLC provides performance oriented asset management, property management, development and real estate advisory services to owners, lenders and other entities seeking professional real estate services. Our varied and experienced professional resources enable us to customize our services to meet your specific and changing requirements.

Organized in 1991 by principal Leigh Rabman, RN Realty has transacted a variety of acquisitions, developments, sales, leases & financings. Over the years, the firm's portfolio has comprised over 1.5 million square feet with values in excess of $200 million. Additionally, the firm has assisted owners with debt and equity structuring, as well as provided a variety of real estate consulting services. While our assignments have transitioned over time, the firm has proven its abilities by building long term partner and client relationships, many of which continue today.

Our management and leasing services are provided with the care and attention to detail of a committed owner and experienced operator. Our strategies are designed for each particular asset and in accordance with ownership's goals and objectives. Our ultimate measure of success, however, is results. Consequently, our commitment to obtaining results is paramount and, in our belief, a significant distinguishable trait from others in the industry.

Our advisory services are intended to provide innovative but workable solutions for our clients who need to quickly implement a plan of action for their particular real estate needs. We focus clearly on your needs with little time devoted to generic analysis and reviews that do not directly impact the subject matter.

We welcome this opportunity to serve your real estate needs.